Toddler Program for One and Two Year Olds

One and two year olds are a busy group – physically and verbally! Our toddler program fosters the critical relationship building that occurs at this age, supporting cognitive and social development.

Encouraging Curiosity and Play

Manipulative toys are used to promote eye-hand coordination. Teachers emphasize daily routines and social interaction through family style meals and other small group activities. Picture books, songs and manipulatives are used to increase color, shape and number recognition.

Fostering Awareness in Toddlers

Teachers organize social-emotional play activities so children can dress-up and role-play. This develops new skills, such as problem-solving, self-care routines and conversation. Children are frequently read stories to build listening skills and are often asked questions to develop comprehension skills. To facilitate parental involvement, teachers provide daily sheets to document and share the child’s experiences. Additionally, parents are encouraged to read daily and complete reading logs monthly.